Sheldon was born in San Rafael, California where he was educated in local public schools. He showed an early inclination toward music, and studied trombone first within the school system and later privately. After graduating from high school, Sheldon attended San Francisco State University where he received his Bachelors degree in Government. He later earned a Masters degree in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. During this time he also performed as principal trombonist with the Marin Symphony and later as bass trombonist with the Santa Cruz symphony.

Starting a long career working with computers, Sheldon joined the staff of the University of California as a systems analyst at the then new campus of the university at Santa Cruz. After remaining at the Santa Cruz campus for seven years, he left for a United Nations' posting in Myanmar. He remained in foreign service for nearly a decade, working on U.N. technial assistance projects in Ghana, the Bahamas, Mauritania, and Western Samoa. After returning to the United States, his work focused on small-scale software development projects. He later joined the Bank of the Orient where he supported the deployment of networked information resources. He retired from information technology after serving nearly a decade as the web manager for PSEA, a 25,000 member employee organization supporting PG&E, a statewide Caifornia public utility.

Now fully retired, Sheldon is pursuing his life-long interests in photography, music, and writing. He and his wife, Jeni, both enjoy travelling and photographing the world around them. Sheldon is especially interested in what he calls 'edge photography', photographing subjects characterized by unique natural boundaries and lines of structural definition. Some of his current work can be found on the home page of this website.