Photo Specs
Camera Body: Canon EOS 70D
LensRFC Tokina 35-105mm
File Name:11,185.01.jpg
Shutter Timestamp:2018:11:12 17:51:35
File Size:719,181
Dimensions:3423 x 2282
ISO Speed:100
Shutter Speed:1/250
Lens Aperture:Manual - N/A
Focal Length:Manual - N/A
Edit Software:Windows Photo Editor 10.0.10011.16384
Edit TimeStamp:2020:02:01 16:14:03

A framed printed copy of this photograph may be purchased by emailing Pigment-printed on fine cotton paper, the matted 17 x 21 inch version is priced at $225 and the 13 x 15 version at $135. Please reference the title of the requested photograph in your email. Shipping costs are included in the base price of the photograph quoted here for residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, but are additional for locations outside the region.

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