Images of Lassen Country

S. C. Bachus

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Trout Pond

Lake Almanor

Mountain Mahogany

Linear Geese

Spider Web Prism

Root Snag

Lake Almanor Wetlands #1

Lake Almanor Wetlands #2

Lake Almanor Wetlands #3

Photo Workshop Collection

East Face of Lassen Peak

Mt. Lassen East Face Crags

Shadow Lake Monochrome

Bent Snag

Fir Bough Swirls #1

Fir Bough Swirls #2

Cliff Lake Creek

Shadow Lake at High Noon #1

Shadow Lake at High Noon #2


These photographs were taken both before and during a photography workshop presented by the Lassen Association in September 2016. The images in this exhibit include ten that were actually taken as part of the workshop, and ten others that were photographed several days before in the surrounding countryside. The workshop included both a classroom presentation on photographic techniques as well as a field trip to Terrace, Shadow and Cliff lakes on the eastern flank of Mt. Lassen.