Wolf House and Vicinity

S. C. Bachus

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Oak on Path to Wolf House

Ferns on Path to Wolf House

Ferns on Wolf House Arch Keystone

Ferns on Stone Stairway - Wolf House

Wolf House - North Wall

Wolf House - Carriage Way Entrance

Wolf House Ruins - #1

Wolf House Ruins - #2

Wolf House Ruins - #3

Window Seat - House of Happy Walls

Wolf House - Red Stone

Fall Vinyard - #1

Fall Vinyard - #2

Oak in Autumn Bonfire Smoke

Autumn Bonfire


These photographs were taken at Jack London State Park and the Bouverie Preserve near Glen Ellen is Sonoma County on the morning of November 7, 2016. Unfortunately, a tight time schedule afforded only two hours of photography which ended at high noon with the sun directly overhead. Additionally, this was the first full day of Pacific Standard Time and the camera's shutter time stamp was still on Daylight Time. Accordingly, all shutter times are actually one hour earlier than that displayed on the exhibited image. Mid-day shooting also made light management a problem with the result that many of the Wolf House photos have serious contrast issues. Nonetheless, the two photos at Bouverie Preserve could not have been executed without the mid-day sun cutting through the billows of bonfire smoke vexing the exposure.