Representative Work

S. C. Bachus

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Breaking Wave

Mt. Conness Under Clouds

Risen Moon at Dusk

Queen Mary and Her Birds

Sunbeams and Substructure


Thunderhead Over the Lake

Fishing the Edge

The Falls in Late Winter

Wind Surfing the Edge

High and Dry on the San Andreas

Falling Water

Stairway to Justice




Born in San Rafael, Sheldon Bachus was educated in San Rafael city schools, and received his B.A and M.A. degrees respectively from San Francisco State University and the University of California, Berkeley. From an early age he had an interest in the arts, music and photography -- his first photograph of the Marin County countryside being taken at the age of eight. During his career and while serving with the United Nations, Sheldon photographically recorded his postings in Asia, Africa and the Pacific Basin. No matter where his travels have taken him, however, he continues to favor the natural landscape of the California countryside as a subject for his photography.

Sheldon transitioned to digital photography in 2001 with a large part of his work devoted to color landscapes. Following a trip to Cuba in 2015, his efforts have increasingly focused on creating black and white images. Although influenced by his late friend, Alexander Lowry, Sheldon also looks to the work of Ansel Adams and Walker Evans, respectively, for his technical and aesthetic benchmarks. His full resume can be found at