Living on the Edge

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Living on the Edge

The exhibition proposed here would consist of conventionally styled black and white photographs, and impressionist plein air paintings in the colorist tradition. As part of the curation process, the subject of each hung work would be consistent with the overall theme of the exhibition, Living on the Edge, and would be summarized by a didactic text panel briefly explaining the artist's vision of the work.

With regard to the exhibition theme, and as biologists have long observed, environmental boundaries are vitally alive. This is where the ecological action is -- where species thrive, endure or perish. For many of us this is the reason why we have chosen to live here in Marin County, the Bay Area, or California, perched on the tectonic edge of the North American plate. And in doing so, the geography and geology of our location -- be it the San Andreas fault or the sheer granite face of the Eastern Sierra -- have demarcated the boundaries of where and how we live our lives. In this sense, the objective of this exhibition is to suggest an artistic and aesthetic perspective for understanding the meaning of truly living on the edge, here on the rifted eastern shore of the Pacific Ocean.