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By joining myAuditor now, your annual $50 membership fee is waived.  Benefits include a quarterly newsletter, policy templates, control testing software, regulatory updates, etc.  MyAuditor provides a forum for IT managers, risk specialists, auditors, examiners and just about anybody who has a stake in our technology-based business world.

Thank you for coming to the myAuditor website - a valuable resource for managers, risk specialists, and just about anybody who has a stake in the fast-moving technology world of the 21st century.  Listed below are some of the resources, products and services available to you if you join the myAuditor network.

The myAuditor Forum - a place where risk and IT professionals discuss current management control issues.  Forum issues are continually expanded and updated based on member inputs as well as technology and regulatory change.
ORAM Online Risk Assessment Model - provides an effective tool to model risk that threatens your IT and data resources.  ORAM also satisfies all regulatory data security requirements including GLBA.
ePRO Online IT Policies & Procedures - this simple but comprehensive online IT Policy & Procedure Manual is customized to your risk environment, regulatorily compliant, and automatically maintained by myAuditor