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Although some Californians may proclaim that they are the 4th or 5th generation of their family to live in this fair state, if each of us goes back far enough, one of our progenitors was the first of us to step on California soil. In a larger sense, we Californians are either immigrants or their children - whether our antecedents crossed the Berring land bridge or came by Amtrak. Nor have we all arrived here legally. Some of us might find a bit of irony in the fact that our forebearers may have been Yankee sailors who jumped ship when they reached the California coast, and became legal Mexican citizens only by marrying Caifornio women. From history's perspective when we search out our family roots, we often learn that despite differences in perhaps race, ethnicity or culture, we have a lot in common with others who sought a new home or life west of the Sierra crest. The mission of the California History Forum is to help build a better community by sharing this - our common history.

Sheldon C. Bachus
CHF Founder
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BACH-18491849BACHJohn Bachus
BACH-18891889BACHPeter Bachus
BACH-19161916BACHWillard Bachus
BACH-19411941BACHSheldon Bachus
BALC-16631663BALCSarah Balcom
BROO-17791779BROOJane Brooks
CALD-17481748CALDJane Caldwell
CAMP-0000N/ACAMPCatherine Campbell
CARN-17471747CARNDavid Carnahan
CARN-17921792CARNJohn Carnahan
CARN-18271827CARNJoseph Carnahan
CARN-18581858CARNEffie Carnahan
CARR-16921692CARRRebecca Carr
CLAR-0000N/ACLARMary Clarke
CONN-17471747CONNCaliph Conner
CONN-17751775CONNJames Conner
CONN-18251825CONNWilliam Brooks Conner
CONN-18481848CONNJohn Kelsey Conner
CONN-18921892CONNMary Conner
CRES-17401740CRESElizabeth Isabel Cresswell
HILL-0000N/AHILLNancy Hill
KENN-17761776KENNHannah Kennedy
MCGA-17001700MCGAWilliam McGaughey
MCGA-17261726MCGAJames McGaughey
MCGA-17571757MCGAAgnes McGaughey
MCKE-17341734MCKEAgnes McKean
MULL-18251825MULLRebecca Ann Mullen
MUNR-17281728MUNRJohn Munro
MUNR-17481748MUNRHugh Munro
MUNR-17731773MUNRJohn Munro
MUNR-18141814MUNRMurdoch Munro
MUNR-18351835MUNRMalcolm Munro
MUNR-18651865MUNRThomas W Munroe
MUNR-18901890MUNRGladys Munroe
NOLA-0000N/ANOLACatherine Nolan
PEAK-0000N/APEAKGary Peak
PENS-18561856PENSMargaret Penske
PERR-0001N/APERRDonald Perry
PERR-0002N/APERRJohn Perry
PERR-17311731PERRDiadema Perry
PINK-17281728PINKWilliam Pinkerton
PINK-17681768PINKWilliam Woods Pinkerton
PINK-17981798PINKJoseph Pinkerton
PINK-18311831PINKHannah Luzanna Pinkerton
PRAT-18531853PRATMinnie Louisa Pratt
REAM-0000N/AREAMMargaret Reamer
RICK-17101710RICKPeter Ricksecker
RICK-17461746RICKPeter Ricksecker
RICK-17821782RICKJohn George Ricksecker
RICK-18141814RICKEdmund Ricksecker
RICK-18411841RICKLucius Edgar Ricksecker
RICK-18621862RICKAlice Ricksecker
ROSS-0000N/AROSSDonald Ross
ROSS-17741774ROSSNancy Anne Ross
ROSS-18301830ROSSMary Ross
RUEG-15631563RUEGHans Ruegsegger
RUEG-15921592RUEGUlrich Ruegsegger
RUEG-16261626RUEGNikolaus Ruegsegger
RUEG-16711671RUEGUlrich Ruegsegger
SCOT-18041804SCOTViolet Scott
SHEL-15841584SHELSamuel Sheldon
SHEL-16051605SHELWilliam Sheldon
SHEL-16281628SHELJohn Sheldon
SHEL-16291629SHELIsaac Sheldon
SHEL-16301630SHELJohn Sheldon
SHEL-16581658SHELJohn Sheldon
SHEL-16611661SHELTimothy Sheldon
SHEL-1661-08-061661SHELThomas Sheldon
SHEL-16861686SHELIsaac Sheldon
SHEL-16891689SHELTimothy Sheldon
SHEL-16951695SHELJosiah Sheldon
SHEL-17101710SHELRoger Sheldon
SHEL-17221722SHELCaleb Sheldon
SHEL-17261726SHELRev.James Sheldon
SHEL-17511751SHELWilliam Sheldon
SHEL-17541754SHELJosiah Sheldon
SHEL-17611761SHELAsa Sheldon
SHEL-17831783SHELJoseph Sheldon
SHEL-17871787SHELTruman Sheldon
SHEL-17961796SHELDaniel Sheldon
SHEL-18131813SHELJared Sheldon
SHEL-18201820SHELHenry Hargrave Sheldon
SHEL-18291829SHELMark Sheldon
SHEL-18461846SHELDexter Brittan Sheldon
SHEL-18901890SHELRaymond Rinke Sheldon
SHEL-19171917SHELAudrey Sheldon
SHUL-0000N/ASHULNannie Shulteis
STEL-18031803STELClaus Stelling
STEL-18461846STELWilliam Stelling
STEL-18701870STELAdelia Stelling
THAY-18201820THAYLaura Porter Thayer
TRAV-15971597TRAVSusanna Travis
VANC-0000N/AVAN Martha Van Cott
VINC-16321632VINCJoan Vincent Vincent
WEAV-17101710WEAVFrederick Weaver
WEAV-17311731WEAVGeorge Weaver
WEAV-17661766WEAVValentine Weaver
WEAV-18131813WEAVJacob W. Weaver
WEAV-18431843WEAVAnn Sabina Hecht Weaver
WELL-0001N/AWELLBrian Wells
WEYG-17131713WEYGCornelius Weygandt
WEYG-17421742WEYGCapt. Jacob Weygandt
WEYG-17711771WEYGChristianna Weygandt