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Inwood: An Early Sonoma County Inn

In the closing two decades of the 19th century the Sheldon family expanded their small rural Sonoma County farm to include an inn, which they called "Inwood", and to which they hoped to attract vacationers from San Francisco, many of whom would journey up the North Pacific Coast Railroad which passed through nearby Freestone on its route to the Russian River recreation area. Unfortunately, most travelers continued on to the River, and subsequently both the inn and farm failed. This exhibit, comprised of many photographs taken by Frederick Sheldon, provides a historical perspective of both the inn, farm and Sheldon family.

Inwood: An Early Sonoma County Inn
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IMAG-0005Inwood - Postcard - 1880s
IMAG-0006Inwood - Postcard Description - 1880s
IMAG-0007Inwood - looking south-east - 1880s
IMAG-0008Inwood - looking eastward - 1880s
IMAG-0009Inwood - orchard - 1880s
IMAG-0010Inwood - current satelite photo - 2012
IMAG-0011Inwood - 1890 County Surveyor map - 1890
IMAG-0012Inwood - barn & carriage house - 1880s
IMAG-0013Inwood - old growth virgin redwood tree - 1880s
IMAG-0014Inwood - angler on Furlong Cr. - 1880s
IMAG-0015Inwood - guest cottage - 1880s
IMAG-0016Inwood - Sheldon family photo - 1890s
IMAG-0017Inwood - Sheldon family photo - 1890s