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Although some Californians may proclaim that they are the 4th or 5th generation of their family to live in this fair state, if each of us goes back far enough, one of our progenitors was the first of us to step on California soil. In a larger sense, we Californians are either immigrants or their children - whether our antecedents crossed the Berring land bridge or came by Amtrak. Nor have we all arrived here legally. Some of us might find a bit of irony in the fact that our forebearers may have been Yankee sailors who jumped ship when they reached the California coast, and became legal Mexican citizens only by marrying Caifornio women. From history's perspective when we search out our family roots, we often learn that despite differences in perhaps race, ethnicity or culture, we have a lot in common with others who sought a new home or life west of the Sierra crest. The mission of the California History Forum is to help build a better community by sharing this - our common history.

Sheldon C. Bachus
CHF Founder
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CAHS-00011540Alarcon Voyage
CAHS-00021542Cabrillo Voyage
CAHS-00031579Drake Lands in Northern California
CAHS-00041602Vizcaino Explores California Coast
CAHS-00051767Jesuit Expulsion from Spanish Empire
CAHS-00061762Treaty of Fountainebleau
CAHS-00071769Portola Expedition
CAHS-00081776Mission Delores & San Francisco Presidio Founded
CAHS-00091812Russian Colony Established at Fort Ross
CAHS-00101821Mexico Declares Independence from Spain
CAHS-00111826Jediah Smith Leads Trans-Sierra Party in California
CAHS-00121835Richard Henry Dana Arrives on the Pilgrim
CAHS-00131834Missions Secularized by Governor Figueroa
CAHS-00141841Bidwell Party Arrives in California
CAHS-00151842U.S. Commodore Jones Occupies Monterey
CAHS-00161846Disgruntled Americans Declare California a Republic
CAHS-00171847Mexican General Pico Surrenders to Fremont
CAHS-00181848Treaty of Guadalupe Cedes California to U.S.
CAHS-00191848Gold Discovered at Sutters Mill by James Marshall
CAHS-00201850California Becomes the 31st State
CAHS-00211869The U.S. Trans-Continental Railroad Completed
CAHS-00221860Whitney Geological Survey Begins
CAHS-00231864Yosemite Park Created
CAHS-00241890Union Iron Works in San Francisco Awarded USS Oregon Contract
CAHS-00251876Southern Pacific Railroad Linking Northern & Southern California
CAHS-00261906San Francisco Earthquake & Fire
CAHS-00271907Work Starts on the Los Angeles Aquaduct
CAHS-00281911Governor Hiram Johnson Reforms Government
CAHS-00291916Ishi, The Last Truly Native American Dies
CAHS-00301934San Francisco Labor Riots
CAHS-00331937Golden Gate Bridge Completed
CAHS-00341942Japanese Submarine Shell Oil Facility
CAHS-00351945Shasta Dam Completed
CAHS-00361955Feather River Flood
CAHS-00371965Watts Riots
CAHS-00381979I5 Interstate Highway Completed
CAHS-00392014California Economy Ranked 8th Globally
HIST-18141814Prussian Military Conscription - 1814
HIST-18161816Patterns of California Immigration
HIST-18481848Revolutions of 1848
HIST-18621862Otto von Bismarck - 1862
HIST-19061906San Francisco 1906 Earthquake & Fire
HIST-K015-01-150The Cordilleran Corridor
HIST-K100-01-100The 100,000 Year Path
HIST-M660-01-660Assembling California