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Although some Californians may proclaim that they are the 4th or 5th generation of their family to live in this fair state, if each of us goes back far enough, one of our progenitors was the first of us to step on California soil. In a larger sense, we Californians are either immigrants or their children - whether our antecedents crossed the Berring land bridge or came by Amtrak. Nor have we all arrived here legally. Some of us might find a bit of irony in the fact that our forebearers may have been Yankee sailors who jumped ship when they reached the California coast, and became legal Mexican citizens only by marrying Caifornio women. From history's perspective when we search out our family roots, we often learn that despite differences in perhaps race, ethnicity or culture, we have a lot in common with others who sought a new home or life west of the Sierra crest. The mission of the California History Forum is to help build a better community by sharing this - our common history.

Sheldon C. Bachus
CHF Founder
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The California History Forum is an online meeting ground for historians, genealogists and just about anybody who has an interest in how their lives and the lives of their family and broader community have been shaped by California history. To this end, the Forum should be of interest to a wide range of users, from students completing history or civics projects to individuals searching out their family roots - or maybe someone who simply would like to uncover some of the fascinating facts underlying California's colorful past. Reflecting these objectives, this website is organized into three functional perspectives, each dealing respectively with California's: (a) History, (b) People, and (c) Community. Based on your interests, click on one of the three prerspective portals in the diagram above to get a feeling for how this website works and how it can help you more thoroughly understand, share, and contribute to California's on-going history.